Spaces are first come first served or can be reserved
Upon entrance all clients must check in at reception. And upon leaving all clients must check out at reception.
Payment must be made before occupying the room unless prior arrangements were made  with Management.
Clients must arrive on time or your space can be given away. Creator Space will wait 15 min.
It is the client’s responsibility to set up and, return the space to the original condition, this includes but is not limited to chairs, tables, equipment etc.
All workspaces must be kept clean and free of debris; all trash should be put in the trash cans; Check that no personal belongings have been left behind; CTN Creator Space is not responsible for any personal belongings left on the premise.
Workspaces are quiet zones and safe zones. Be respectful of your neighbors and all phone calls must be taken outside.
Keep all common areas free of debris and in a neat condition.
Complimentary coffee and water with a small fee for light snacks. 
Groups must be pre-arranged with management in advance to reserve space.
Any use of any sound system must have ear buds.
Management reserves the right to remove anyone that violates these terms and may terminate that members use.

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