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A Basic Plan comes with: 

High Speed WiFi 

A Hot Desk / Table and Chair

Power station for electricity and to charge your phones and tablets. 

Coffee, Water, Tea

Common area plasma screens

Great atmosphere

Free Parking

Be apart of the CTN community

Discounts on select workshops (Only for monthly members)

Bring your own equipment


A Digital Plan comes with:

All of the amenities in the Basic Plan above plus:

Use of a 13" or 16" Mobile Studio Pro Cintiq Tablet and Stylus

Zbrush, Photoshop, Toonboom, Sketchbook Pro

Use our equipment


A Day is on the day reserved from open to closing hours.

A Week is from the day of purchase to the following week. ie: (7) seven days

A Month is from the day of purchase to the following month. ie: (30) thirty days

Team and Group Meetings are $30 per hour for 4 - 12 and based on availability.  (Must have a reservation.)






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