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Why CTN CreatorSpace?
CTN Creator Space was born in 2018 after our founders saw so many creators in the CTN community struggling to find studio or meeting space. Having what you need to move your career forward shouldn’t be hard - what if there was a way to make it easy, educational and fun?
Located in Burbank, the animation capital of the world, just minutes away from major studios and owned by the internationally known community leader CTN. Creators gain immediate access to the CTN community and resources by connecting veteran professionals, suppliers and new talent together in a welcoming environment. 
The word can mean different things. To us, coworking is the social gathering of a group of people who work independently yet share values and are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people from the same community in the same space. 
CTN continues to invest in artists by providing affordable work spaces for creators of all levels. The CTN Creator Space is a co-working environment to work, collaborate, learn, have access to industry standard state of the art tools and make connections that can help you excel. 
The CTN Creator Space Story
CTN has helped artists learn and connect with other creatives in this industry for 10+ years. Whether we’re bringing together a community of creators at events, or helping people find the tools they need or connecting them with key people in this industry, we believe that creating and telling stories with art is not only the key to living a happy and healthy life but to helping our culture.
Come Check Us Out and Create in Good Company

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